This "ring" is where Country artists battle against other Country artists. All Country sub-genres will battle in this "ring". If a Country band is battling an artist of a different genre that battle will be located in the "Intergenre ring". Good luck sparring- and start voting!
**Note** A band/ artist can update their "Battle Genre" on their band's "Edit Profile" page.

Current Battles


Past Battles

Jason Helms Band defeats Bret Bistowski with a score of 4 - 3
Jason Helms Band defeats william willard with a score of 10 - 8
Jason Helms Band defeats Sarah Jayne Burt with a score of 14 - 8

About Sparring

Sparring is a 1 on 1 competition between two artists. Each competition begins 24 hours after acceptance. All battles are genre based, and will last for 5 days. SoundSpar uses a multi-monitoring system for our voting process. Each user is allowed to vote once per day on each competition. Our competitions are completely transparent, meaning you can see the remaining time & number of votes for each. Artists are awarded 5 points for a win, 2 points for a tie and 0 points for loss. Our top competitors will be listed on our "Home" & "Top Competitor" pages. If you want to spar with any of our artists, all you need to do is sign in and click the “challenge” icon on their artist page. Otherwise, simply sign up as a user & vote on any given competition.

Please visit the "About" page to view our FAQ. Good luck!